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Photographer, Designer, & World Traveler

I am whatever you say I am... I mean... whoopsie. My inner Slim Shady came out there for a second. But to be honest, who am I is always a hard question to answer because I am a lot of things for different people; and that is what makes me, me. If I had to give you the nutshell version, I am a world traveler, designer, photographer, goofball, and animal lover. I believe in people, peace, love, hard work, and creativity.


I am currently a freelance graphic designer. I am interested in helping anyone with any creative need because I love to push my creative boundaries and refine my skills. Current clients include OROS Apparel, SEI, Fund Evaluation Group, Guiding Light Mentoring, Cohen, Cobalt, University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University. 


To top it all off, I am also a freelance photographer. I photograph weddings, events, families, animals, places, and... I love it! I enjoy being a part of peoples special day and capturing every moment. I photograph everything and I mean ev-er-y-thing.


What really gets me going is traveling. My husband and I take weekend trips to places we have never been to and shoot the day away. It's kind of an odd hobby to have, but it is fun to discover the world and the people in it. Together we have been all over the world. If you don't believe me, check out my photography portfolio. 


Life is too short to not do everything I want to, so I am constantly keeping busy. Want to know more, just ask me.



Concept  and visual development, branding, photography, illustration, and kicking ass in ping pong.



Spelling....ermergerd spelling is the devil.

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