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Giving Tee Inkery


Owners of The Giving Tee Inkery

When I first thought of the concept of the Giving Tee Inkery, I couldn't shake it. I have thought for years, what would be my mark left on Earth?  I'd say a business that puts people first. A startup that inspires a movement where any cause can get help from the community AND doing it the right way. By offering American made options to ensure quality and monitor work conditions; By using models of all body shapes, ethnic backgrounds, and ages to promote a healthy body image; and by giving any charity of any size a chance to earn extra cash and raise awareness to their efforts.

In order to start this bizarre dream of mine, I have taken a lot of risk. From pulling our savings thin, to time spent away from my husband, and having to quit a full-time job, it seems to most people that this little t-shirt shop isn't worth the risk. I obviously disagreed, 'cus here we are.

I was given the final push I needed by my husband, David. We have been together since 2006 and we have traveled the world together. He is to me what all those lovey dovey posters say about a perfect relationship. We have seen and been through a lot. We have driven the whole US, traveled Iceland, Peru, South Africa, Japan, Ireland, and more. We've seen many things, even the slums in Johannesburg, Cusco, Dakar, and the walked the very poor neighborhoods in our own city of Cincinnati. We've seen and felt firsthand how cruel the world can be, but we have also seen all the good people can do to change it.

And that right there, is why we've risk it all. Those people who help their neighbor build a home, the person who feeds the hungry, or the women who rescues animals from kill shelters. These heros are all around us, doing good in the world, and some go unnoticed. But together, they will be noticed. Our t-shirts bring awareness to their efforts while hoping to inspire a movement that changes the way products are made and used.

The Giving Tee Inkery's first day opened April 18th, 2016. I wish you happy shopping, knowing that your purchases are helping others in ways you can only imagine.

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